The  Mobile Co2 fire extinguishers are characterized by their high performance and simple method of operation, they are suitable for fire involving flammable liquid,gases and electrical equipment Effective for Class B,C &E suitable for Class B fire risk

  • The Fire Extinguisher are designed to comply with the specification and requirement of B SEN 1866-1
  • Kite mark approved
  • High-grade brass head value ensures reliability and optimize efficiency
  • Discharge outlet is controlled by high pressure ball valve
  • High gloss polyester powder painted UV stabilized after shot blasting ensures corrosion resistance under ex-extreme condition
  • Safety value is fitted in each extinguisher for maximum safety
  • Discharge nozzle designed to produce a jet of extinguishing gas

Product Description

Model Number






Extinguisher Capacity 10kG 30KG
Propellant Self-Propellant Self-Propellant
Fire Rating 70B 113B
Working pressure 55-60Bar@25c 55-60Bar@25c
Maximum working power 169BAR@60c 169BAR@60c
Test Pressure 250BAR 250BAR
Total weight 52KG 125KG
Total Height and width 1435*440mm 1095*675mm
Range of Discharge 6-8M 6-8M
Hose Size &length Bore 3/8*5M Bore 3/8*5M
Operating Temperature -20cto+60c -20cto+60c
Cylinder Material Carbon steel Carbon Manganese steel
Duration Discharge 19-21sec 19-21sec